Our History

In the Beginning

The practice of veterinary medicine has been conducted continuously at our location since the late 1800's when a mother/son team treated animals in the barn located on the property. In the 1930's Dr. Henry Recht opened the first animal care clinic to the public. In 1948 Doctors Helen and Henry Doremus purchased the practice. The staff expanded in 1955 with the arrival of Dr. Jean T. Wilson, Sr., and again in 1958 when Dr. Stanley Witzel joined the practice. Drs. Wilson and Witzel purchased the practice in the early 1960s, and it became Cedar Grove Animal Hospital. In 1995 Dr. Jean T. Wilson, Jr. became an owner with his father when Dr. Witzel retired.

Present Day

Since 2012, Dr. Wilson, Jr. has been the sole owner, medical director and team leader of Cedar Grove Animal Hospital. With over 35 years of experience treating all types of companion animals, he leads our team in the commitments of our mission statement, vision statement, and core values.

Our Alumni

We are proud of both our professional and non-professional "alumni". Various Associate Veterinarians have graced our practice and gone on to operate hospitals in New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Colorado and Oregon. At least nine former employees have become veterinarians. Still others have gone on to higher education and work in closely related fields.


Mission Statement

To provide top quality health care for pets and their owners. To guide owners on medical, behavioral and environmental issues which will enhance both the pet’s life and the owner’s experience. Most importantly, to uphold our oaths as veterinarians and to prove worthy of the trust bestowed upon us by our clientele and colleagues that proceed us.

Vision Statement

To provide consistent excellent pet care and counsel in a fair and honest manner. To foster the improvement of veterinary care and compassion.

Core Values

To treat our clients and patients in an honest, courteous manner. To treat our patients with quality medical care and humane handling. To limit/relieve suffering to the best of our ability. To promote the pet/owner relationship.